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Charities & Property

We understand that non-profit organisations need insurance suited to their specific circumstances and the needs of their service users. Property Owners need a wide range of additional broker services and support including bespoke claims handling and tenants’ certificates.

Charities & Property requirments:

We understand that non-profit organisations need insurance suited to their specific circumstances. Unlike ordinary businesses, it is likely that you have both employees and volunteers who work for you. It may also be that you hold regular events, fundraising activities and provide services for people in need. As such, your charity insurance package should appropriate cover even if you are a purely voluntary organisation, your insurance should cover the health and wellbeing of the people working for, and supporting, your cause.

Charity trustees and officers are vulnerable to personal liabilities due to the legal relationships with third parties, such as funders, staff or suppliers and all legal relationships carry the risk of legal liability. The extent to which the trustees are personally liable in these circumstances will depend on the legal form of the charity. There are a limited number of specific circumstances where a trustee could be found criminally liable

We specialise in providing solutions for commercial property owners operating locally and internationally. The insurance program is tailored to meet your specific needs with a focus on policy cover and claims service.

Commercial property insurance differs from a standard residential let property insurance policy due to the constructions type and types of tenant.  Our approach considers the uses of the building and adjust a cover that will match the risk your tenants may pose to you. 

Property Owners Liability can be misunderstood and underestimated in terms of its impact to landlords particularly following the changes in the Ogden Discount rate and corresponding increase in Personal Injury Awards which may arise from the negligence of a landlord. 

It is important to note that is ultimately your responsibility to oversee that your property is correctly maintained.